Working Up in Peoria, Illinois

I have a little place I rented and I managed to get my direct tv in illinois working, even though they think that I am back in Virginia or something. I had to pick up and move pretty much over night, because a friend of mine was in a big bind and he needed me to get up here. He made it worth my trouble. Right now I am working about a mile or so from the Caterpillar plant up here in Peoria, IL. The plant has about a million little shops that provide it with machine parts and I have a job supervising one of the bigger ones. It was just something that came up all of a sudden. The guy who is in charge of the whole show is a guy I worked with maybe ten years ago, back in West Virginia. He got in a bind and had to replace a guy, I was the only name he could think of.

The truth is that I would probably not have done this if not for the fact that things were really shaky in my old job. The guy who started the company got old and turned it over to his kids. They were nice enough when you were not in between them, but they could not get along with one another and none of them are particularly good at running a business. It is not like the job was about to disappear at any moment, but it was insecure and there is a really good chance that within a year or two it is all going to fold up like a cheap lawn chair. If one or the other of the heirs would go away then maybe it could work out, but now one of them just fights the other all of the way down.