Working on the Retirement House

Meg and I have had this piece of land for a couple of years now. It used to belong to her great Aunt’s, but she gave it to us. It had something to do with her taxes. It is not really the greatest location, but we can not really complain since we got it basically for free. We have cleared off more than enough land for a nice house. We are trying to pick a power company right now. If you do not know about that, then the public utility commission of Texas has made it so that in Texas you can pick your own power company. I have been told that we have something like a hundred different providers of electric power in this state, but obviously you only get a small number in any one place. Here we only have two options, but this is out in the middle of nowhere. So the choice is a lot simpler than it would be in other places.

I have bought a used tractor that looks a lot like the old one that my grandfather owned. I hired a guy down here to build me a dam about three years ago. The lake is still only about half full because of the lack of rain lately and the heat which has dried it up. In all we have about 17 acres, but a lot of it is close to worthless and nothing much can be done to change it. I want to do some hobby farming on the land, but unless I can figure out how to get more of a water supply or unless I can make the rain fall, then there is a real limit to how much of that I can do. We figure a couple of milk cows and some chickens and of course a couple of saddle horses.