Working for a Tree Service

In fact I do not do much of the tough work involved in this stuff, in fact I have very little idea how to do it and I am not quite sure that I would be able to keep my nerve fifty feet above the ground with a chainsaw. So far me and this other guy have just been doing tree pruning in Queens NY. He is the guy who climbs the tree. He has this things that he straps onto his boots and a piece of rope he wraps around his waist and the tree trunk. It is not so hard at all for him, because he has been doing this stuff so long that it is like a second nature to him. He goes up the tree pretty much like a squirrel and he has no problem at all working fifty or sixty feet above the ground with a chainsaw. In fact he has a couple of chainsaws, a big one for dropping tree trunks and a small one that he uses to prune limbs. In fact you need a cherrypicker to do a lot of the jobs, but so far I have not been involved in that. I would guess that they do not trust me to handle that machine. The guy in the bucket is going to need some person that he can depend on to do the job right and be there to help him out if he gets in trouble. Of course the big thing is to properly stabilize the vehicle so that you do not turn it over when you extend the bucket. It is not a simple thing and it is really easy to get hurt if you are not looking out for every little detail. They just leave me to pick up the mess right now.