Working a Temp Job in Roof Repair

I have been working on a new job and I am not sure how long I am going to be able to do it. I get the feeling that these people must go through a whole lot of people, because I am pretty sure that they do not pay enough to make me want to do this job for very long. I am working in a temp job i roofing companies in nyc area so far far it has not been awful, but the weather has been quite mild the last couple of days. Of course it is going to be blazing hot in a couple of weeks. There is not much double that it will get a lot warmer than it has been and when it does it is going to be brutal when it does get hot. You get a really hot day and then you get up on top of the roof of a black tar building, that is going to turn in to a big problem in a really big hurry.

Of course I am not going to kill myself for what they are paying me to do this job and I am not going to kill myself if they actually paid me really well. You have to pace yourself and you better get a whole lot of water in you if you are doing this sort of thing. These guys seem to have a lot of little tricks the y have learned.Of course they are pacing themselves and they are getting the young guys to do the hard work it seems. It looks like they want me to be the pack mule in the relationship. You have to have a whole lot common sense about what you are doing . It is a tough thing to do.