We Needed an Outdoor Drain Cleared to Remove Rain Runoff

We have a concrete patio that has a long narrow drain channel built into it. The first cold snap had water build up and freeze on the patio. When the thaw came the water did not go down. It rained and built up some more. Then it froze again. A warm spell thawed it again, and I called a place that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY to come out and clear out the clog.

The door to the patio swings inward. I opened it when the water was frozen, and there was at least two inches of ice dammed up against the door. The water was not frozen when the plumber came out. He lifted the drain channel and poked around with a stick to find the drain pipe opening. A couple of minutes with a power snake knocked the clog loose. We do not know what it was that had clogged the pipe, but when it let loose the water rushed down the drain.

I should have called the place that does drain cleaning in Bronx NY weeks ago. The patio is going to need a good pressure washing when the spring thaw comes. However, it is nice to not have the huge chunk of ice filing in our patio space any longer. I was used to drains clogging indoors. It has happened on many more than once occasion as I have lived in different apartments in New York. Now we bought this house, and are glad we can call professionals to do things such as clearing a drain. Before we would wait on an inexperienced building superintendent to try and clear a clog. They were rarely fully successful in fixing any plumbing issues we had. It was nice to have a real plumber on the job for this task.