Too Large to Fail is a Myth

As a new customer with Suddenlink cable, I was surprised to discover that they are actually a pretty great company. With some of the best overall scores in customer satisfaction, it’s a wonder that they haven’t spread themselves to other parts of the nation. Then again, is it really better to always be bigger? Is something inherently lost within a company whenever they grow large enough to count their customer base in the millions rather than the thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands? I think millions for a company that provides a service like cable and Internet might be too big.

That’s not the mind set which America likes to hear, though. How often did we hear about banks being ‘too big to fail’? I think it’s this sort of mind set which is preventing American businesses from taking a closer look at their business model to understand that they might be making a fundamental mistake by growing so large. How can they actually, sanely and logistically handle the number of customers or the influx of calls that they receive on a daily basis? How can they operate when they are so reviled for their poor customer service?

When you see your social media feed fill with complaints, groans and fear from news of one of those larger companies moving into the city you know there is something not right with them. No company should be feared when they come into a city – if their reputation is so bad, shouldn’t maybe the FCC or even the state government step in and do some house cleaning or make higher demands from that company? The people are clearly not happy! It’s not like that with S-link, I haven’t heard a single complaint regarding them from any one of my friends.