The Best Deep Fryer for My Kitchen

People find it hard to believe when I tell them I eat fried foods at least once or twice a week. I eat healthy the rest of the time, so I feel that this small indulgence is fine. I just love the taste of deep fried chicken and fries, and eating deep fried shrimp is at the top of the list too. I used to bake everything, but it just did not taste the same at all. That is when I decided to look online to find the best deep fryers.

I decided that if I was going to splurge on this once or twice a week, I wanted to have the best deep fryer not only for taste but for convenience too. I had an older one, but it took me just as long to clean up as it did to prepare the food, which is a huge no no in my kitchen. I want something that is quick and easy to clean, and I did not want to have grease splatters or even the scent of grease lingering in the kitchen long after a meal is over.

I found a site that compares several of the most popular deep fryers, and that is how I came to get the one that I now use. I liked everything about it, from the look to the reviews on how easy it was to clean up after a meal. I thought that I was going to end up putting it away when I was not using it, but the deep fryer looks really nice so I just leave it sitting out on my counter. It is a small one because it is just me here, so I didn’t need one that would make huge meals. That is another reason that I can do this, because I do eat small portions!