Replacing the Old Tablet with a New One

My old tablet finally bit the dust this year. It was one of the first tablets made during the big boom where tablets were becoming popular. It was pretty cutting edge at the time it was first released, and over the years it served me well, even though it started to show its age. It could even run some apps that were made just this year. Sadly, the tablet shut off one day, and hasn’t come back on since. I’ve decided to let go of the past and move on by watching the best Cyber Monday tablet 2015 deals.

I’ve put a lot of thought into what kind of tablet I want. I’ve even asked for recommendations from people I know. Some people tell me that I should get an iPad, while others tell me that I should get something that runs Android. Either choice would be a good option, but I still can’t narrow it down. I’m leaning more towards an iPad, but every time I see one of the Android devices, there are some features that keep me from making a definite decision. The ability to gain full access to all parts of the Android tablets through rooting is a major plus.

I thin one of the biggest factors that will come in to play when deciding which tablet I should get will be price. I have a budget of $400. During the Cyber Monday sale, I probably won’t come close to spending that much on a tablet. I’ll have to get some accessories for whichever tablet I choose. A protective cover, a stylus, and even a memory card will all be necessary, especially the memory card, because the internal storage won’t be enough for all of the apps that I will be downloading. I can’t wait to play some games.