I Am Looking at This Brownstone

I have been looking at this brownstone that is a couple of blocks away from my office. At this juncture in time it is a real mess, but the price they are asking is really low. You have to think about how much it shall cost you to buy it and then get it into the condition where people can happily live in it. The big thing that would cost the most money would getting a roofing company in NYC to replace the roof. That would not be a simple task and it would not be inexpensive either. I am going to have to figure out exactly what it would cost before I make a move on this place. I can not buy this building in the hope that it would not be that expensive to renovate it. I have to know what it would cost before I get in too deep. The building had four apartments in it when it was last in use. The one on the top two floors apparently belonged to the owner of the building. It has a lot of space in it and I am pretty much undecided about whether or not I would want to continue to keep that. I certainly do not need an apartment that size for me. There is only one of me and this apartment would be adequate for a family of six. They would have plenty of space. Of course I could easily rent it out in a number of ways. I sort of think that the best return would be to make it into five apartments. I would like to live on the top floor, because it has a really nice view of the neighborhood and the beautiful little park that is across the street from this building.