Gram is Getting the Help She Needs

When my grandfather passed away earlier this year, my parents tried to convince my grandmother to move in with them. They were worried about her living on her own, since my grandfather took care of most everything. She did not want to be a burden on anyone though, but that just caused them unneeded stress. My gram came up with a compromise that made all of them happy, and me too! She had done some research online and found a company that does senior home care in Brooklyn NY. She looked over everything that they do, and she knew that she would be in good hands with them.

She showed my parents the website, and they had to agree with her that it was a very good compromise. It meant that she would get the help that she needed, but she would also be able to stay in the home that she and my grandfather raised my dad and their other three children in. I think we were all able to understand her resistance in leaving, and she was able to understand their point of view as well, which is why this was a happy medium for all of them.

Now, my gram gets the help she needs on a daily basis. She gets help with her medication as well as nursing services when she needs that, but I think she gets the most out of just having someone there to talk with her about her day. She and my grandfather had been together for nearly 60 years, and this was the first time she had ever been left alone. Thanks to the home companions, she gets to be independent while not being lonely, plus all of her minor medical needs are taken care of. This is definitely the best solution for her!