Examining the Health of an Economy

When I made the decision to take the job that I was offered in Texas, I was taken back by the amount of industry, business and the competition that exists in the state economy. It’s easy to forget how large Texas really is and with the amount of natural resources that they have at their disposal, as well as bordering along with Mexico and multiple states, it really gives them access to trade that many states do not have. That’s why finding Reliant Energy in Texas was a great happenstance. When I began looking around for an energy provider, I discovered multiple companies instead.

Where I’ve lived I have grown used to the idea that there is only one energy company available to me. It’s much like the idea of an ISP – you usually will only find one and it’s easy to just accept that is a fact of life. It’s just normal, so we take whatever prices that they have to offer us. Here in Texas I have instead found that you are actually able to shop around for a price that can fit the budget that you are trying to match up with. Nowhere else have I been able to do that.

Looking at how healthy Texas’ economy really is has made me realize that other states should be encouraging competition within the business industries within their borders. If they allow a handful of companies to provide everything for the residents of the state they will see very little progress being made in those industries. It’s my hope that the recent proposal by Comcast and Time Warner will be seen as a example of the sort of dangers that are inherent within a monopoly. It’s not just the consumers which suffer but the economy of a state as well.