A Birthday Throw for My Mom

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love designer homewares. I am not the type to go to the store at the mall and buy gifts for people in my life, because I always put more thought into it than that. When my mother’s birthday was approaching last year, I knew that I had to start looking for a unique gift for her. She is really a very simple person as far as possessions go, so I knew that she would not enjoy what most others would. That did not mean it made it harder to find her the perfect gift though, because I have a list of websites that sell products for most of the people in my life.

When I looked at the designer homewares site, I knew that I was going to get her a throw. She recently had surgery, and her recovery time has been slower than usual, probably because of her age. She never used to be cold all the time, but since her surgery, she is always wearing a sweater. I knew that she would enjoy a tart blanket because I have two myself. Because of that, I knew how much warmth they provide, and they are also very pleasant to look at.

I was able to choose from a variety of colors, so I went with the blue and green one since green is her favorite color. They are a very generous size, so she would be able to throw it over her shoulders when she is watching television in the evenings. She can also put it over her lap if her legs are cold. The soft cotton feel is not heavy at all, so she would be able to get the warmth she needs without feeling suffocated. I was able to order it online, and it was delivered just days later, right in time for her birthday. Needless to say, she loved her gift!