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Mom Loves the New House Cleaner I Hired for Her

My mom and dad were married for 64 amazing years. They had a great marriage together, and they were great parents, too. Unfortunately, my beloved father passed away last year. Not long after, my mother injured herself when she fell outside, and she was having a rough time cleaning the house alone. I decided that getting her a house cleaner in Westchester County NY was something that needed to be done right away.

It all started when I caught mom trying to climb a ladder in her bedroom to clean off the ceiling fan. First, I asked her to come down from the ladder and let me do it for her. But she refused. So, I rushed to her side to steady the ladder while she was up there. Things seemed okay until she caught the side of her foot on one of the ladder rungs and she fell four feet to the ground below. She broke her ankle, and she is very lucky she did not hurt herself even worse than that.

A few weeks after her fall, I came over to visit again and caught mom teetering on top of a step-stool as she was washing down her kitchen cabinets. She was doing this while she had her ankle brace on her leg! I knew something needed to be done immediately.

I began quietly calling a variety of cleaning services and finally settled on one who said they were sending over someone who is in her 50s. I figured that since she is closer to mom’s age, they might have some great conversations. I was right. Mom and the cleaning lady get along great! Mom said they have had a lot of fun talking, and she loves that she can rest now while someone helps her keep things clean.

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I Am Using a Cleaning Service So That I Can Go Back to School

I graduated from college many years ago, but had been toying with the idea of going back to school to get my Master’s degree for quite some time. I have two children and my hubby is a busy professional, so I wondered how I would keep up with home maintence, if I were to go back to school. He told me we should hire a house cleaner in Danbury CT and he would pay for it.

I began looking online for a company that had good reviews. I was happy to find that there are many happy customers out there who like to talk about the great service they get with the cleaning businesses they use. I called a few of them to discuss what I was looking for and talk pricing. I finally narrowed it down to one particular company, and they came out to discuss what I needed.

The woman they sent out was a very young college student who does house cleaning part time to supplement her college costs while she lives with her parents. She said she had been providing her services for several years, and she loved doing it in her free time. She seemed really knowledgeable, and I agreed that I love to have her help me out.

She shows up just two times per week for about four hours each time. She does a fabulous job. I worried that she may not clean as well as I do, but she did just fine. I have gone ahead and applied to a local college and have been accepted, and we completely trust our expert cleaner to come over when we are not home to get the house looking nice. My husband is happy with her, and it is allowing me to focus on going back to school.

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What is a Good Remote Computing Suite?

I have been looking for a way to use my computer while I am not really on the scene, remote operation is the term I would suppose. There are a good number of options from what I understand and my needs are not all that significant. I am not sure which option is the best though. I would think that teamviewer would do what I need for it to do, but I have not figured out the exact details of what it does yet. My problem is that I am doing some things at home which require a lot of time and a lot of processor power. I have the computer working all night when I am asleep and when i go to work in the morning I want to crank it up and have it doing a job as well. I have a lot of side jobs which all require the use of a lot of computing power and a good bit of computer time.

Of course a lot of time I do not really have the time to run two processes while I am gone, but usually I can start something before I leave for work and it is going to be done about the time that I having my lunch hour. So if I could use the computer to load up a new job, that would double the output. It might not be done when I get home, but that would just be the way that it would be. I am going to start work on a second, more powerful and more specialized computer. That would make things a lot more streamlined and obviously I would still be able to use my old computer. Having two machines would make it possible to do the work in a reasonable time.

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