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Cheap House Cleaning in Bergen County

My roommate is a lazy slob and I really am tired of having to deal with the messes that he makes. I am not willing to clean up all of his nonsense on my own, and I am not willing to live in this type of mess. So I have decided that I am going to hire a house cleaner and then charge him more rent. I am looking at hiring someone for house cleaning in Bergen county NJ in the near future and I want to find someone that will be able to get started with the cleaning as soon as possible. Because I am really sick of the way things are right now.

There is cat litter all over the apartment, he has trash bags in the hall way outside of his room. To my knowledge, he has not changed the trash in the kitchen in over 6 months. It is just ridiculous. He doesn’t clean his dishes, and he doesn’t have any dishes left to use, because they are all dirty and he doesn’t clean anything. As such, he only eats fast food now, and it is kind of ridiculous.

But anyway, I Need to stop complaining and just hire someone to take care of it, because it is disgusting to live in a place like this. I am really grossed out by it, and it is so difficult to deal with. I really like my roommate as a person, but I just wish that I had never let him move in with me. It has been much more of a burden than I could have ever known. I wish that he would just take some responsibility and learn to clean up after himself. It would be very nice if he would do just that but I will keep my fingers crossed.

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