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A Club for Train Horn Lovers

I just can’t get enough of Train Horns Unlimited! I first discovered the site when I was on the hunt for a train horn to be added to my car, and after lots of searching, I found it and became a happy customer. I bought a standard train horn from them and put it in my car. This was the first time I ever installed anything in my car, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. The sound of the horn was so satisfying that I showed it to all my friends and family. Some of them were annoyed to hear the horn, but others love it. It reminded them of the classic train sound that they don’t get to hear anymore because they usually take the subway.

I wanted to experience the other horns they had on their site, so I bought another train horn. This horn was based on European trains and it had a different sound the horns that Americans are used to hearing. Choosing a favorite among the horns that I’ve tried so far is pretty hard, but I really like the European sound.

It turns out that in my area, there is a club for people who like train horns. I hadn’t seen anything about this club before, but apparently they existed for many years, and I was their newest member. They all discussed the train horns they had in their cars and what other new horns they heard about. They even talked about the national train horn convention. It was a surprise to me that other train horn lovers were in the country, had their own club, and even had a convention for it. I went to my first convention later that year, and had a fun time. It was nice meeting new people and seeing new horns.

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