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The Gift of a Memory

All year long I have been looking forward to Summer so I can finally take the vacation that I’ve been dreaming of for months! Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted the chance to visit Malaysia. But growing up with very little money our family wasn’t able to take vacations – unlike a lot of the parents of kids that I was around, my parents had to hold down two jobs each just to be able to afford the school I was in. But, finally, I’m riding in a car rental in Penang at nineteen years old with my parents accompanying me.

I knew they would want to come with me – my dad is half-Malaysian and has long desired to see his mother’s homeland for himself. When I was sixteen I made a promise that I would ensure that he would at least be able to say that he finally walked the land of his people so he might experience their legacy. If I could do one thing for my father, it would be this. My mother, for her sake, was simply happy that she was able to be with us on this wonderful experience. It’s not often a child has the means to give such a gift to their parents.

I worked all throughout high school at UPS while making some side cash online. I didn’t buy a car because of this; it was that important to me. While the rest of my friends were cashing in on getting some wheels, I was cashing in a on promise that needed be fulfilled. They wanted material goods, I wanted memories that would stick with my family and I forever. I know that sounds arrogant but it’s my philosophy that memories are infinitely more valuable than anything we can buy.

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Going Back to School for an MBA

Personal education is not something that we should do without. For years I have been self-focused on my own personal need to educate myself; that doesn’t mean I would always have to settle with going to University and paying a great deal of money in order to find knowledge but it does mean that I often have to work that much harder to gain the knowledge I wish to possess. With help from programs like the Singapore MBA, I can easily work toward these goals from home without having to pay so much out of pocket that I taken on the burden of debt.

Debt is going to be end of student loans. With the amount of students finding themselves unable to pay back their loans across the globe (at least those countries who actually force their citizens to pay for a higher education), the burden of debt falls back onto the banks and the government assistance programs which supply the money to these individuals. I was in such a state myself when I was younger and if it had not been for the help of generous family members, I would have never been capable of paying back what I owed.

Instead, I now use CourseA.org, Khan Academy and P2PU to help me fill out the gaps in the things that I have an interest in learning. That was my largest complaint against attending University; the inability to attend the courses and classes that I wanted to because of money. Money should never stand in the way of education. Money should not control how education is designed. Knowledge and education is far too important of a human necessity for us to sell it off to universities or corporations who see nothing but the skills associated a paper degree that you’ve paid $50,000.

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