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Remodeling for a Fair Price

Believe it or not but Spring is right on our door step and for many that means the chance to start taking advantage of home improvement sales is finally here! This is the season where you can find companies giving out some amazing prices for home remodeling, like this bathroom remodeling in rockland county – just one of the many types of remodeling that my home is in desperate need of. I am often surprised by my peers seemingly disregard for their homes; as someone who spent six figures on his home, I look at the house as an important investment that is going to have a great deal of worth to me in the future.

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Getting the House Fixed Up

I got a lot of work to do, but I figure it shall be about a month or maybe two before I am going to be able to move the wife and kids into the new house. I started out by gutting the place. In fact my oldest boy loved helping with that. You give a 14 year old boy a sledgehammer and tell him he can smash stuff, well it is sort of scary. All of the wiring needed to be redone by an electrician in westchester ny and we had to just start fresh in the kitchen and in both bathrooms. I had to put a new bathroom down in the basement as well. It was a clean slate down there.

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