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Is Centralized Content a Better Option

One of my favorite past times is to watch terrible indie movies online. It might seem like a strange way to past the time but sometimes I just enjoy seeing what these writers and their directors can dream up with their absurd vision of movie storytelling. It’s a rather fun trip into the minds of others who hope to make movie magic with their limited budgets and poor sense of cinema magic; one of the best sites that I’ve used is letmewatchthis. You may have heard of them as they are a relatively popular service who has had its own fair share of legal trouble due to the nature of their site; while they do not actually own or upload any of the movies themselves, they do host the links to other sites which do. This has been a thorn in the side of Hollywood for years now and they have done everything they can to shut down these sites.

It’s a rough world for owners of these sites. They are faced with a lot of pressure from Hollywood and the army of lawyers at their disposal; not to mention government pressures from various governments who are more than happy to do America a ‘favor’ by helping dismantle the servers and networks responsible for hosting the content and the sites linking to that same content. While I may not always agree with either side, I do believe that those who have published the movies deserve their money’s worth. There is a lot that goes into creating and developing a movie, so unfairly ‘stealing’ the movies or at least offering access to potentially stolen flicks, to me, is a relatively moral grey area that is going to be the source of debate for years to come. Thankfully, digital content is no longer centralized.

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Our Young Son Got Us the Best Rate on Cheap Car Insurance

Car Insurance Quotes: Cutting Costs for More Affordable Coverage ...Would you believe it was my son who found us the cheap car insurance we now have? He actually saved us a small fortune with our annual car insurance premium. He learned so much about car insurance that I think he should become an insurance agent. He was turning 15 years old, and that is the age that you can get a learner’s permit here in our state. He was really looking forward to becoming a licensed driver. However, we kind of burst his bubble when we told him that we would not be able to afford to pay for his insurance right now.

He told us that he would pay for it working his paper route and other odd jobs. I got a quote from our insurance agent, and it was not good news.

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